Visiting Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is the perfect place for just about any event or activity. The Phoenix area including Scottsdale, is a great destination wedding place. The dry weather and abundant sunshine make the chances high of having a rain free wedding day. Many resorts like the Phoenician in Phoenix, the Royal Palms, and The Point are perfect for accommodating a wedding. They are first class resorts and have everything from gorgeous palms to crystal clear pools. Catering from various restaurants in these resorts are some of the best in all of Arizona. Check out some Phoenix wedding videos that may feature some of these resorts to get an idea of how accommodating these resorts are for weddings.

If you aren’t getting married in the Phoenix area, you may want to make it the place for your honeymoon. Resorts like Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale features live music, vast pools, a lake with gondola rides and serenade artist, and separate bungalow style rooms along the lake. It’s the closes you can get to Italy without actually being in Italy.

There is also plenty of shopping in the Phoenix area. There are many outdoor malls so you can enjoy the bright weather. Recreation activities include everything from going to the lake, to going snow skiing in the mountains. That’s right, there is snow in Arizona and only a couple hours out of Phoenix. Arizona has a variety of landscapes including the Saguaro Desert to the high desert with pine tress. Two of Arizona’s main attractions are actually in areas that snow.

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon about 4 hours away from Phoenix. Going back to destination weddings, the Grand Canyon would be the perfect wedding place for outdoor lovers. It would be a great place for a one of a kind wedding video outside of Phoenix.

Another great attraction to Arizona is the high desert area in Sedona. Sedona is just 90 minutes outside of Phoenix and is the second most visited place in Arizona by tourist. The Grand Canyon being the number 1 tourist attraction. Sedona has many trails and hiking paths. It’s red rock and tree ridden area make it unique to the region. Enjoy slide rock in the river which is a natural water slide. Many shops and boutiques line the street in the down town area unique to Arizona.

Wether you are visiting Arizona for your special wedding day or if you visit to vacation, it is a must experience for anybody who has never been. Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. Many visitors who come to Arizona never leave. The friendly residents are quick to tell you why they love Arizona, mostly because of weather. Several cities in Arizona are newer or growing. Cities like Gilbert and Queen Creek in the South East valley are expanding with new shopping, malls, and movie theaters. Areas like Scottsdale in the North East are still growing with some of the best golf course communities in the entire nation. Whatever you come to Arizona for, you will not be disappointed.

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