Can You Live Better in the Less Stressful Lifestyle of the Arizona High Country?

There are several reasons for choosing to live in the northern mountains of Arizona Land over living in the hotter southern desert. One of the biggest reasons is the relaxing, stress-relieving atmosphere.

If you choose to live in the southern Arizona desert, you will most likely live in the Phoenix or Tucson area. The smaller towns in the desert are not only inconvenient; they aren’t the best economical choice. Phoenix and Tucson are nice cities if you love the city and extremely high temperatures for several months on end. If you live in either of these places, police sirens, construction noises, ambulances, helicopters and jets are a part of your every day life whether you choose them or not.

In contrast, the Arizona high country is peaceful and serene. You will be able to relax in a way you would never be able to do in the city. You may lock your doors at night but home invasions and robberies won’t be constantly on your mind. You will wake up to the song of birds rather than sirens or jackhammers.

There is nothing that compares to spending your life surrounded by nature’s majestic mountains and forests. There are mountains around the southern cities and they are beautiful, but the majority of the mountains are uninhabitable. In the Arizona high country, you will be able to sit on your porch and enjoy the views of sky, forest and mountains and all the wildlife that inhabit the woods around you.

Unlike the lakes in Tucson and Phoenix, the lakes in the Arizona high country are natural. They were not constructed by human hands. This gives them an environmental appeal not to be felt at lakes in the city. Taking your boat out on the lake for a day of fishing is a relaxing way to spend an entire day. If you love to canoe or kayak, the lakes in the high country are perfect for that as well.

The city is a convenient place to live but the importance of convenience pales in the peacefulness of the Arizona high country’s beautiful scenic and recreational gifts of nature.

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