Healthy Hearts in Paradise Valley

The Department of Health Services Bureau of Emergency Medical and Trauma System has just recently recognized Paradise Valley Hospital as the Cardiac Arrest Center and Chest Pain Center in Arizona.

Having met the requirements for these recognitions, this hospital is now enjoying a new found title. The requirements include having a round the clock cardiologist with a capable Cardiac Cath lab. It should be equipped with facilities in minimizing risks of brain damage such a therapeutic hypothermia method. It also provides easy ways in approaching medical personnel in case of emergencies or even before a patient is rushed to the hospital. With these being present, it has become clear why this very hospital rightfully deserved the recognitions.

Although it is most of the time mistaken to be the same, cardiac arrest and a heart attack are not similar. If a person is undergoing a cardiac arrest, his heart has stopped functioning. Statistics show that there are more than 160,000 people having cardiac arrest away from the hospital and a slim five per cent of surviving it. Time is of essence since every minute without medical attention is equated to less ten per cent of survival. However, when lucky enough to be around people who had life-saving training such as implying CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CCR cardiocerebral resuscitation into the patient before wheeling him in to the center, there’s a 33 percent of surviving it.

Founded in 1983, Paradise Valley is manned by over 700 employees and active members amounting to 125. The hospital gets more than 82,000 patients annually. Its services include but not limited to emergency medicine, orthopedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation and obstetrics. It is geared towards providing the best health care possible for the patients, a great place to work for the employees and a training ground for physicians.

Paradise Valley Hospital’s affiliate, the Abrazo Health Care has a commitment of providing only the best medical attention to Maricopa County residents. Aside from the Paradise Valley Hospital, it also includes four other medical institutions such as the Arrowhead Hospital, Maryvale Hospital, Phoenix Baptist Hospital and West Valley Hospital. It credits two health plans and serves nine counties in the state of Arizona.

Potential homebuyers are naturally picky. Aside from the fact of considering their financial status, they also have to look around and check if the environment fits their immediate needs. These needs may vary according to different individuals, but there are needs that can’t be overlooked regardless of status.

Immediate medical attention must be present in a neighborhood that you choose to live in. If you are a potential home buyer, you must consider the state of your health and of your family. If they constantly need to have medical advice, it would be best to live in an area where professional medical attentions are readily responsive. That is why Paradise Valley real estate could very well be the place for you especially with the recognition garnered by the Paradise Valley Hospital. If you search for Paradise Valley homes for sale, you will be assured that any health-related problem can be immediately attended to.

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