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Youngtown is a small community town in Maricopa county Arizona, to the west of phoenix. Youngtown came into existence in 1954 when Ben Scleifer and Clarence Suggs bought 320 acres of cotton farmland and created Youngtown land and investment company with the aim of developing Arizona’s first master planned retirement community. The community of Youngtown was incorporated in 1960 as a community exclusively for retirees.

From its humble beginning as a community that spanned an area of 0.5 square miles, Youngtown has grown to occupy an area of 1.3 square miles. In the initial master plan the town was to be for retirees but in 1998 the age limit was relaxed and now people of all ages can buy or let residential properties in the town.

Youngtown has an estimated population of about 6000 residents with the whites being the predominant race. The resident’s median age is 63.5yrs with the city having more women than men.

Youngtown is situated on the eastern bank of the Agua Fria River. This river runs through a small canyon “black canyon” into late pleasant which is popular with recreational activities like swimming, picnics and boat riding. The other notable landmark is the Agua Fria national monument which is a spectacle to behold and every year thousands of tourists visit.

Youngtown in Maricopa county Arizona is approximately 20 miles from phoenix, Arizona. With this close proximity most of the town’s residents are able to enjoy the world class facilities that phoenix has to offer. The Arizona state university which has a campus in phoenix is the leading research institution in the country and is only about a 30 minute drive from Youngtown.

The mission of the community is to serve the citizens of Youngtown with integrity through competent management and provision of the necessary services.

This modest town has 4 elementary schools namely; paramount academy, county meadows elementary, Dysart elementary, el mirage elementary. This 4 schools cater for the kids of the young families who are settling there.

Youngtown has its own police department and is governed by an elected mayor and town council. Its unique small town atmosphere, six parks, and a 2.8-acre lake make it a desirable community for residents of all ages.

Development of Agua Fria Ranch has doubled the town’s housing units and population. Additionally, other affordable housing opportunities offer advantages for first time homebuyers and empty nesters.

The Town of Youngtown has been able to maintain its small-town feel through a cooperative effort of ageless residents, progressive, elected officials, and an engaged business community. It is a productive community evolving from strong historical heritage and distinct planning to its rich future as a viable Northwest Valley municipality.

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