Would You Enjoy the Activities in the High Country of Arizona Land?

If you’re a health and fitness nut, or want to indulge in a number of healthy, fun and adventurous activities, then there is no better place than high country south-western United States where their is Arizona land for sale.

Summer life can be tough on the low lying, hot desert land that covers much of Arizona and surrounds cities such as Phoenix and Tucson. The land is barren and the heat difficult. Those who seek Arizona land for sale in high country towns such as Flagstaff, Show Low, and Heber-Overgaard however enjoy much cooler climates during the summer with temperatures rarely making it past 85 degrees. It is for this reason that on summer weekends multiple thousands of people rush from the low-lying country up into the high country to enjoy cooler climates and a variety of exciting activities. More and more seek Arizona land for sale while there.

Biking, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, fishing, and skiing are all massive favorites in the lush, green national forest and mountains of the Arizona high country, and they are less than 200 miles from the major cities of Tucson and Phoenix. It is a perfect holiday for that wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but it is a lot more than that!

The high country of Arizona promotes a healthy and active lifestyle; Arizona land for sale here offers an entirely different way of living. It is popular with tourists, retirees, and young families alike. Many town and city councils are keen to promote new residents joining the community and living costs remain very reasonable. What is more is that unlike the price of property closer to areas such as Phoenix, real estate remains very affordable for the average American family, with the average income of a family in places such as Show Low just above 30 thousand dollars a year.

If the active outdoor lifestyle appeals to you, then some of the towns mentioned above should be of real interest to you. The mountain regions are an un-tapped gold mine of real estate opportunity, and if you seize this opportunity now, you could be part of a lucky few who receive the full benefits of living in an exclusive, secluded, beautiful area of the country.

Forbes J. Douglas, a successful Midwestern realtor® now retired to the Arizona High Country [http://arizona-mountain-property.com/] from where he operates a major national real estate books review website. He invites you to investigate the affordable, secluded Arizona cabin land opportunities available in the White Mountains’ Lakes Country of Northern Arizona centered on such picturesque and pleasant towns as Heber-Overgaard, Show Low, Pinetop and Holbrook.

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